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Strengthen Lower Back

Information And Treatment

It's not just professional athletes who need a strong and sturdy lower back—you do too. Whether couch potato, aspiring marathoner or weekend warrior, many adults are susceptible to developing spasms and strains in the lower back with age.

Why the weakness? The lower back muscles are responsible for supporting many of the muscles, tendons and joints of your upper body, making this sensitive area one of the easiest to overuse and injure. Tenderness can even radiate into the legs and arms if the muscles are left inactive.

While an achy back was once associated with an older population, this ubiquitous concern has become problematic among younger generations too. Some experts say four in five adults will experience lower back pain at some point in their lives!

There are many causes for these twinges, for example, lack of physical fitness. One study found that men who lacked muscular endurance in their lower backs were 3.4 times more likely to develop problems later in life. Yet overexertion, improper exercise form and even poor posture can also wreck the muscles of the lower back if left unchanged over an extended period of time.

Many fitness, wellness and, in the event of injury, rehabilitation programs are designed to strengthen the lower back muscles. Try one today, and you could prevent pain and muscle tears in the future.