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Spinal Stenosis

Information And Treatment

Spinal stenosis is a narrowing of the spinal column that causes pressure on the spinal cord and the surrounding nerves. The condition, which often occurs with age, can result in pain, numbness and muscle weakness that spans from the neck down to the feet, affecting everything from the back, buttocks, thighs, arms, calves and everything in between.

Persisting discomfort often drives many spinal stenosis sufferers to seek complementary and alternative therapies in order to manage their symptoms and pain. Physical therapists, for example, can recommend specific stretches and exercises to strengthen the affected muscles while helping to enhance the flexibility and stability of the spine. Acupuncture and massage therapy are also popular means of treatment, including modalities such as deep tissue massage, Swedish massage and CranioSacral Therapy. Although the efficacy of acupuncture is not quantifiable, studies have shown that the alternative modality can help to reduce low back pain in concentrated areas. Chiropractic manipulation can also be utilized in order to restore spinal movement.