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Skin Tags

Skin tag removal is a simple and fast procedure at a dermatologist’s office. The area around the skin tag is numbed with a topical cream like lidocaine, and then the tag is removed with a pair of surgical scissors.

Alternate methods include cryotherapy, freezing off skin tags with liquid nitrogen.

After the skin tag is removed, the skin underneath will be cleaned, disinfected and bandaged. The entire procedure only takes 10 to 15 minutes per skin tag.

Don't Do This at Home

While you may see advice on how to remove skin tags at home, this is not advisable. Self-removal of skin tags can cause infection, bleeding and scarring of the skin. Skin tag removal is very low risk when performed by a dermatologist.

After having skin tags removed, keep the area bandaged (if possible) until the skin heals underneath. Do not pick at or rub the area.