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Sex Drive

As much as we can exercise to amp the sex drive and feed our bodies with the necessary nutrients, we know that boosting the libido isn't so simple: Desire doesn't turn on and off like a switch.

Perhaps the most important factor is our mental state. This is especially true for women, as everything we've learned from science tells us that female desire is just a bit complicated. (Lads, be proud of your more straightforward, easier-to-satisfy libidos.)


Stress can really kill your sex drive, so anything that reduces the tension in your body and your mind can help you feel free to express yourself sexually. Indulge in a massage, focus on your breathing and feel your worries melting away.


According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the kidney is the internal organ that strengthens your resources and protect against depletion from stress, diet, and partying ways. A practitioner may choose to use acupuncture to focus on the kidney points on the body.

In general, acupuncture can strengthen your energy, and help alleviate common problems that may affect reproductive health, like liver qi stagnation or blood deficiency.

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