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Sex Drive

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Ancient Greeks worshipped Eros, the god of lust, whose arrows aroused passion in whomever they struck. Hindus? They had the Kama Sutra, the Sanskrit text with step-by-step instructions for 64 sexual positions. And the Babylonians believed that all sexual activity in the world ceased when Ishtar, the goddess of love, war and sex, descended to the underworld.

As for us—well, most of us are not copulating in 64 positions. In fact, 44 percent of women reported having sexual problems, with low libido the most common one, according to a 2008 study in the journal Obstetrics and Gynecology. Men aren't the sex-mad, testosterone-driven animals we see in movies either. Actually, low desire in men might just be America's best-kept secret; some experts say it affects a quarter of all men.

Everything from stress to hormonal changes can prevent us from getting our groove on. For women, pregnancy, breastfeeding, hormonal birth control and menopause can all contribute to a lagging libido. For both sexes, fatigue from working and parenting can be a culprit, as can anti-depressants (especially SSRIs like Zoloft and Lexapro) and medications for high blood pressure. Drugs and alcohol also take a toll.

But there's good news. You can rev your engine by changing your workout. (Of course, feeling great about your body will help you have more fun in the sack too.) Feed your sex drive with the right foods, and you might find that you've spiced up your sex life. Learn to really relax your mind, and you're sure to get your mojo back.