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Saggy Arms

Information And Treatment

Saggy arms-a sleeveless shirt’s worst nightmare. Flabby upper arms develop as the natural elasticity of the skin, supporting tissues, and muscle tone weaken. Age, weight loss and gravity all contribute to the issue. Arms with this condition are often said to have “bat wings” because of the way the flesh hangs off the bottom of the arm. Saggy arms are a common cause of rashes as well. As excess skin rubs against the body, the interaction causes a friction induced heat rash. This effect is more common in cases where the sagging arms are a result of rapid weight loss over a short period of time.

Age range: Saggy arms can afflict men and women of all ages, though it particularly strikes females in their 40s and 50s as the skin loses elasticity.

Interesting Facts

From 2000 to 2004, the numbers of upper arm lift surgeries increased by 2845%. At the turn of the century, just 338 documented arm lifts were performed for the year, while just four years later that number jumped to 9,955.

Who's Affected?

Though you might be hard pressed to actually find an ounce of flab on her body, Gwyneth Paltrow raves about the Tracy Anderson workout videos in her weekly GOOP news letter, crediting the celebrity trainer for ridding her of batwings.