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Restless Leg Syndrome

Information And Treatment

Restless leg syndrome (RLS) is described as an urge, need or desire to continuously move one's legs in order to reduce uncomfortable or painful sensations that occur between the knee and ankle. It is most common in middle-aged and older adults, and can be caused by diabetes, anemia, Parkinson's disease and other conditions. Restless leg syndrome can be exacerbated by stressful situations.

In order to reduce the achy, burning, tingling or crawling sensations that occur in the lower leg, individuals with RLS are encouraged to engage in treatments that reduce stress and relax the muscles of the legs. A physical therapist can typically provide gentle stretching exercises to target the affected muscles, while a massage therapist with proper training in RLS treatment can address physical ailments and aid in overall relaxation.

In addition, chiropractic medicine may be another possible path toward symptom relief, especially those due to mechanical or structural deficiencies such as fallen arches, Morton's syndrome or knee cartilage damage. When this is the case, a chiropractor may also recommend general lifestyle modifications, from the type of chair the patient sits in at work to how much time they spend behind the wheel of a car.