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Quick Bikini Bod

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Bikini trends come and go, but the desire to look good in them—that’s a constant.

While we’d all love to hit the beach with sinewy arms like Gwyneth, sky-high stems like Heidi and an insurance-worthy derriere like J Lo (heck, one of the three would be just fine!) many of us don’t have the time to spend crunching and squatting our bodies to perfection.

Know this: If you’re self-conscious about your belly, backside or some other beautiful and—believe it or not—perfectly normal body part, you’re not alone. Women (and the gents too) have long battled to overcome insecurities. As many as eight out of every 10 women are unsatisfied with their own reflection, according to the Social Issues Research Centre. Naturally, these woes are intensified by the very idea of prancing poolside in practically nothing.

Rest assured, there are many tricks that can help you get bikini ready—and fast—without having to run uphill for hours on the treadmill. Half the battle is confidence (in which case, a little yoga could help to perk up your mood along with your bum). The other half? Diet, fitness and a handy spray tan. If that fails, there’s always a feel-good sarong.