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What is a good cardio exercise with the kettlebell?

James Weaver (Milford, CT) on Nov 7, 2011
There is no one good cardio exercise with kettlebells. If you want to incorporate kettlebells into your workout then it should involve a full body routine. If you don't have a trainer to help you, get kettlebell routines online. Remember to go at your pace and use kettlebells that give enough resistance but are not so heavy that you can not perform the exercise properly. The routine should involve a warm-up and a cool-down.
Melissa Erliech (Lakemoor, IL) on Nov 7, 2011
The basic swing is an excellent cardio exercise. Tracy Reifkind lost over 100 pounds just by doing the kettlebell swing. She is a well-known kettlebell instructor and has DVDs available that focus on just the swing. The swing will not only improve your cardio, but work as a fantastic whole-body exercise as well.
Charles Bell (Knoxville, TN) on Nov 7, 2011
A great exercise to use with kettlebells is hill running. Line up kettlebells in numerical order, from the lightest weight to the heaviest weight. Beginning exercisers should be a easy hill, while more advanced individuals should find a steeper hill. Start by carrying the light kettlebell and go up and down the hill for three sets. Continue with all the weights in order of weight. AnAdvanced exercisers may want to impose a time limit when going up and down the hill. This workout will really get the heart pumping and give the whole body a cardio workout.
Spencer Hughes (New York, NY) on Nov 7, 2011
Any swing-based or power-based exercise with the kettlebell will really get your heart rate up. For higher intensity, look into more intermediate/advanced exercises like the clean, clean and jerk, push-press, squat-press, snatch, split-snatch, and so on. Since all of these require an enormous amount of muscular activation, they will CERTAINLY get your heart pounding. Start by learning good form on the basic swing and look into a class or a trainer to develop good form on the more difficult motions. Hope that helped!
Linda Copeland (Dunkirk, MD) on Nov 7, 2011
There are many kettlebell exercises that elevate the heart rate, the classic one being the swing. You can do swings with both hands on the kettlebell, a single arm, or alternating arms. Other exercises based on the swing are the clean & press and the snatch. Figure 8s and "around the world" are also cardio-intensive. There are others as well. Swinging a kettlebell is a high-intensity activity, so doing it continuously for a long time (as you would run on a treadmill or ride an exercise bike) would be challenging, if not impossible. Kettlebell training can be done in an interval format, where you do 60 seconds of an explosive, high-intensity exercise (like a swing), followed by a slower, a more moderate-intensity exercise (strength-oriented, like a kettlebell row) for 60 seconds, then repeat. I teach a class with this type of format, and it is an excellent way to work the entire body and elevate the heart rate at the same time.
Dan Kritsonis (Bellevue, WA) on Nov 7, 2011
Keep in mind this isnâ''t the best for building mass and gaining weight but for working your heart, burning fat and working your body as a unit this is ideal. Just pick 5-10 exercises. The cool thing about kettlebell exercises are that most of the exercises work multiple muscle groups so you can pretty much pick any ones youâ''d like and do them in any order. Now what youâ''d do is 15-20 reps per exercise and immediately move on to the next exercise. If youâ''re new to kettlebells itâ''s probably best to start with just a few exercises. Once you do the 15-20 reps for one exercise, move on to the next until you finish all 5-10 exercises you picked. Because youâ''re not taking a break between exercises, you really get your heart rate up and pounding which is great for your cardiovascular system not mention shedding fat. Now that youâ''ve finished all your exercises, doing one set per exercise with no rest between exercisesm you can take a break. Start with 3-5 minutes, but try to reduce that time. Now simply repeat the circuit. You could do the same workout Monday, Wednesday and Friday and it will probably only take you 45 minutes at most.
Ashley Pettit (Chicago, IL) on Nov 7, 2011
Holding onto one kettle bell of medium weight in your two hands at your chest, lunge backwards with one foot and then bring it up into a high knee kick. Repeat 15-20 times per leg.
Franklin Antoian (Delray Beach, FL) on Dec 10, 2011
Kettle bell swings are a good cardio exercise with the kettlebell.