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Quick Bikini Bod

Long Legs in Heels

Heels achieve what no elliptical can: the illusion of longer, leaner legs and a taller you. Try a pair of beach-friendly wedges for a summer twist on an accessory that’s always in style.

Get a Spray Tan

Sunless tanners use a fruit- and vegetable-derived chemical known as DHA to darken the outermost layer of skin. The skin-bronzing solution can be applied via spray tan booth or a personal spray tan professional. Lasting about 10 days, a spray tan can give the appearance of a thinner frame. Opt for contouring, and you can fake a set of washboard-abs too.

Get a Bikini Wax

There’s nothing like a bikini wax to boost your self-confidence. Tolerate the momentary discomfort of waxy strips being pulled off your skin for the comforting notion that your bikini line will be smooth and hair-free in your new swimwear.

Buy a Cover Up

Hate your belly? Try a tunic. If it’s your legs that irk you, then a sarong may be the ticket to happiness. (Men have it easy: put on a t-shirt.) Either way, there are plenty of chic threads that can help you feel your best when basking in the sun.