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Treatment options: There are several ways to realign the jaw and get rid of your overbite. First, see an orthodontist, since not all overbites require treatment. Overbites can be fixed by wearing braces for six months to two years, using bands, wires, and brackets to correct crooked teeth and draw the upper jaw back in where it belongs.

Tooth aligners like Invisalign are an alternative to a mouthful of metal - it works by incrementally shifting your teeth wearing series of removable, custom-molded bite trays for about an hour a day. If an overbite is caused by overcrowded teeth, one or more may need to be pulled to make enough room for the rest.

Surgical treatments: With really bad overbites, orthognathic surgery may be necessary to reshape the jaw. Incisions are made on either side of the mouth to expose the bone so the upper jaw can be shortened and correctly lined up with its lower half.

Pins and screws hold the bones in place afterwards. This is major surgery. The in-patient procedure can require several nights of recovery under physician care.