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I have moles on my neck, breast and stomach. What can I use to get rid of them?

Nelson Novick (New York, NY) on Sep 12, 2011
You should not do anything to remove or fade your moles, especially without each of them being thoroughly checked by a dermatologist. Malignant melanoma or "mole cancer" has reached epidemic proportions, and as a result of this everyone should be reducing sun exposure, shunning tanning beds, checking themselves regularly and going for periodic professional skin examinations by dermatologists. These recommendations are all the more important for individual with lots of nevi (also known as moles, "beauty marks" or "birth marks"). Such individuals are at higher risk for the development of melanoma. For this reason, no mole should be removed for medical or esthetic reasons without also being sent to the laboratory to confirm its benign nature. Should a mole appear clinically safe to the dermatologist, it can be removed for esthetic purposes (although the specimen should be sent for complete assurance). My favorite method is known as scalpel sculpting, which requires no stitches, takes minutes to perform, and has very little chance of producing any significant scarring. Under no circumstances should a real mole simply be removed by freezing, lasers, cautery, etc., since these methods destroy tissue and do not allow for the removed material to be sent for laboratory confirmation.