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Large Pores

Doctor's Terms

  • Follicular prominence: a term used to describe enlarged pores. It is common for acne prone and oily skin to have follicular prominence.

Information And Treatment

It's not just your waistline that expands with age-your pores stretch and get bigger too.

Enlarged pores are the result of genetics and age. Pores naturally expand over time as collagen and elastin decrease-the proteins that provide support for your skin. As helpful proteins deteriorate, the edge of each pore begins to sag, stretch, and expand. Sun damage, which weakens collagen and elastin and thickens the skin's surface, also leads to pore expansion.

Though pores cannot be shrunken permanently, there are several treatments that can render them less obvious.

Age range: The sun's UV rays can noticeably damage the skin and enlarge pores by the age of 20.