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Kim Kardashian's Butt

Information And Treatment

Not since Sir Mix-a-Lot released his hit rap song (an ode to booties everywhere) has the idea of an oversized caboose been so desirable.

One of the finest fannies? That belongs to reality star Kim Kardashian, who has one of the most recognizable backsides in all of Hollywood—it almost single handedly redefined the body-hugging bandage dress.

It's no secret that men love curvy behinds, but do women love them too? Though the reality star was unable to fit her best asset into her 2011 Grammy gown, ladies everywhere still wanted to know how they could emulate the fashionista's shapely bottom.

Kim's isn't the only coveted derriere either. Latin legend Jennifer Lopez has another seat to strive for, while Beyonce, Jennifer Aniston and Jessica Alba follow close behind.

Want to plump, tighten and tone your tush too? You can, through exercise, temporary butt-enhancing panties (an instant, albeit temporary, bottom bulker), and even surgical procedures. Just remember, don't do it for Kim or your bootie-loving boyfriend; Do it for you.