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High Cholesterol

The best exercises for lowering cholesterol are moderate activity exercises. That means that you’ll break a sweat but still be able to talk. While high-intensity exercise like weight lifting is good for maintaining overall health and bone density, it will not improve cholesterol levels.

The key: elevating your heart rate. Exercise for a minimum of 30 minutes a day to control cholesterol. Triglycerides, the LDL in the blood, are the first “bad” fats to be eliminated through exercise. A continued exercise regimen will then break down LDL on the walls of the arteries.

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Good cardio activities for controlling cholesterol:


Biking is not only a great form of cardio exercise, but it can double as transport to work. Biking has been shown to prevent weight gain in middle aged women who bike more than five minutes (that’s it!) a day. If outdoor biking isn’t for you, you can get similar health benefits from riding an indoor cycle.


Anyone can jog just about anywhere—just put on a pair of sneakers and go. The more you jog, the lower your cholesterol. While jogging 12 miles or so a week will maintain cholesterol levels, 20 miles a week will lower LDL cholesterol.


A high-intensive dance-based exercise, Zumba is an efficient way to lose weight and thus lower cholesterol. One vigorous session of Zumba can burn about 600 calories. Moving both arms and legs at the same time has been shown to increase cardio fitness.

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