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Glabellar Lines (frown Lines)

Doctor's Terms

  • Procerus muscle: the procerus is a small pyramidal muscle at the top of the nose. An overactive procerus muscle can accentuate the appearance of glabellar lines.
  • Corrugator supercilii muscle: the corrugator muscle is found underneath the eyebrows. It is the main "frown" muscle and can cause or accentuate glabellar lines.

Information And Treatment

Angry? Tired? Upset? If not, then your glabellar lines may be responsible for that sour impression. Glabellar lines are the vertical wrinkles between your eyebrows. Everyone can make these grooves-just frown or narrow your eyes. See the parallel indents? These are your glabellar lines, or in skin-slang, your "11s."

As you age, glabellar lines can become fixed crevices between the eyes. Glabellar lines are not a concern in your 20s because, when you're young, the two major muscles that control brow movement are much more flexible, springing back with ease after squinting or scowling. Voila, smooth skin! Like everything else, these muscles (your doctor may refer to these as your corrugator and procerus muscles) become damaged, weaker, and less resilient over time. As these muscles are used over and over, they lose elasticity. The outcome? Even when your face is at rest, glabellar lines may still be present.

Age range: Glabellar lines can quite literally hit you right between the eyes during your mid to late 30s.