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Gap Teeth

Information And Treatment

Gap teeth are a matter of personal preference. To some, they're a major flaw. To others, they're distinctive, cute, even sexy.

The gap commonly occurs between the upper middle incisors - your two front teeth. Gap teeth are extremely common in young children. Gaps occur 97% of all five year olds and 50% of children between six and eight.

Although gaps should close naturally, in some cases the space between teeth remains. Normally this occurs when teeth are too small, or sometimes when an adult tooth is lost or never materializes. In either case, the teeth spread out to fill the available space.

Another less likely cause is an oversized frenum, which is the portion of gum tissue above your two front teeth. Gap teeth are normally just a cosmetic concern, but they can potentially interfere with speech, causing a lisp.

Age range: Even though gaps can't be treated until all adult teeth have grown in, children should have a consultation appointment with an orthodontist if they still have gap teeth at the age of seven.

Interesting Facts

In the makeover episode of the 17th "cycle" of America's Next Top Model, host Tyra Banks assigned aspiring model Chelsey Hersey to widen the gap between her two front teeth. To complete the transformation, Hersey had 0.25 mm shaved off each front tooth. That's commitment!