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Facial Spider Veins

In general, practitioners use lasers for treating facial veins, and sclerotherapy for leg veins.

Recommended Treatments For Facial Spider Veins
Name Description Cost
Vascular laser Vascular lasers are non-ablative devices that target the hemoglobin swimming in your blood vessels. Facial spider veins are planted just under the surface of the skin—this bloody red color...more The average cost for vascular laser treatment is $200 to $450 per session.
Pulsed dye laser Pulsed dye lasers are non-ablative and are available in long and short wavelengths. The 585 nm and the 595 nm pulsed dye laser treat facial spider veins. (Pulsed dye lasers can also treat...more Pulsed Dye Laser treatments costs $150 to $500.
KTP lasers The potassium titanyl phosphate laser (KTP; 532 nm) operates at the lowest wavelength. It affects only spider veins located right beneath the surface of the skin. KTP lasers are readily...more KTP lasers can treat facial spider veins in two treatments. Each treatment costs $400 to $800.
Neodymium (Nd:YAG) laser hair removal The 1064 nm Nd:YAG laser targets small blood vessels that redden the surface of the skin. The laser uses a longer wavelength to heat the vessels, causing them to clot and collapse. Veins may...more Nd:YAG lasers costs $350 to $500 for facial spider veins.
IPL laser (photofacial) Intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy uses light energy to heat and destroy facial spider veins. While it acts much like a laser, IPL actually leaves the skin’s surface unharmed, meaning it...more IPL will cost $300 to $600 per session for the treatment of facial spider veins. Four to...more

Treatments Not Recommended
Name Description
Sclerotherapy Sclerotherapy is commonly used for leg veins. It is too risky for facial spider veins because the blood vessels on your face are interconnected. Veins on your cheek or around your eye therefore interact with veins behind your retina. If the saline solution used in sclerotherapy were to travel to the vessels behind your eyes, there could be serious medical complications.
Ablative laser skin resurfacing Ablative lasers damage the skin’s surface. Because spider veins do not appear on the skin’s surface, it would be pointless to peel off such a large portion of facial skin.
Fractional laser resurfacing Fractional lasers only destroy selected columns of skin. Because the entire vein needs to be destroyed, it is best to treat the vessels with non-fractional lasers.
Chemical peels Chemical peels remove the surface of the skin, which would actually irritate and intensify underlying facial spider veins. Chemical peels are not a good treatment for facial spider veins.