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Dull Skin

Doctor's Terms

  • Stratum corneum: the outer layer of the epidermis. The stratum corneum is made up of dead or peeling skin cells.
  • Xerosis: the scientific name for dry skin.

Information And Treatment

Light reflects evenly off smooth, hydrated skin, making it appear healthy, luminous and youthful. But light that reflects off of dry, scaly skin rebounds erratically, making your skin appear lifeless and dull. Dull skin can be crackly, flaky, or stiff. Especially dull skin may be interrupted with shallow cracks, creeping across the skin like the veins of a dehydrated leaf.

Itchy skin may be dulled because of a lack of hydration.

Dull skin is extremely common. Skin dulls when collagen levels decrease, elastic fibers fragment, and UV light disfigures the epidermis. With age, the exterior layer of dead skin cells are recycled less efficiently (and therefore, less often), and skin ceases to produce the natural and necessary oils it needs in order to glow.

Age range: Dull skin goes hand in hand with the aging process. You may notice signs of sun-induced aging and a decrease in your skin's moisture as early as the age of 20. During this time, skin becomes drier and less oily. From the age of 40 onward, skin dulls at an accelerated pace as the skin fails to renew itself as quickly.