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Doctor's Terms

  • Subcutaneous fat: the visible padding of fat just under the skin.
  • Lymphatic system: part of the immune system whose function is to help maintain fluid balance.

Information And Treatment

Cellulite forms when fat pushes up against connective tissues of the skin, causing it to bubble through in a manner that resembles cottage cheese or the rind of an orange peel. (Men tend to have less cellulite, or none at all, because their skin fibers crisscross, meaning fat cannot poke through).

Cellulite is very normal and extremely common, and affects skinny as well as overweight women. Women of Caucasian origin are even more prone to developing the condition than those with Asian and African heritage.

Cellulite can also form due to body fat distribution, the thickness of your skin, hormone levels and increased estrogen, lifestyle factors like diet or smoking, age and gender. Though 10 percent of men may develop cellulite, cellulite plagues women, for the most part—up to 90 percent of women will develop cellulite.

Age range: Skin thins as women age, making cellulite increasingly likely to make its unwelcome appearance with time. Women over 35 commonly have this problem, and doctors believe hormonal changes, along with a person's anatomy, are the causes.

Interesting Facts

It's projected that by 2013, $62 million dollars will be spent on cellulite therapy devices alone.