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Is Exilis effective for cellulite? I am not overweight yet still have a bumpy appearance in the back of my thighs.

Nelson Novick (New York, NY) on Oct 24, 2011
Unfortunately, for the moment, he perfect cellulite treatment remains in the realm of the Holy Grail. Massage, with or without vacuum suction, lasers, IPL, liposuction, radiowaves and ultrasound have all been tried with variable results. In general, \current light and energy-based devices race to market and are the source of much marketing hype way ahead of true, rigorous scientific proof of their efficacy. Many of these devices, particularly in the field of cellulite treatment leave both patient and physician disappointed--yielding results that are often described as "subtle" at best. I have personally found a combination of subcision followed by the injection of the semi-permanent, bulky, volumizing agent, Radiesse, to be helpful for softening the "cottage cheese" appearance of cellulite. Subcision uses a cutting needle (which is inserted under the depression after being numbed with local anesthetic) to free up the fibrous bands that are felt responsible for creating the surface irregularities characteristic of cellulite. Breaking up these bands serves two functions. One is to allow for their replacment with new, fresh collagen.The second is freeing the overlying skin from the tug of these bands creates spaces into which a volumizing agent may be injected that can help to smooth out the overlying depressions. Typically, two to four subcision treatments in a series spaced at monthly intervals is needed for best and most long-lasting effect.