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Boost Metabolism

Your body needs the right fuel to run briskly. Make sure you’re eating the right foods at the right time to keep metabolism high.

Eat early

Start your day with a good breakfast.—the bigger, the better. Studies have shown that women who eat 22 to 55 percent of their daily calories at breakfast do not gain weight, on average.

Eat often

Eating small meals every three to four hours, instead of one or two large meals a day, keeps the body’s metabolism higher.

Eat fish

Taking fish oil supplements or consuming oily fish like sardines, rainbow trout and salmon can amp metabolism. A study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition by the Australian Technology Network Centre for Metabolic Fitness showed that people who combined fish oil with exercise over a 12- week period lost four pounds more than those who only worked out.

Eat protein

Your body requires protein to maintain muscle strength, and it’s harder for the body to digest it—hence metabolism spikes to digest your protein-packed repast.

Drink cold water

The body requires water to break down food. Drinking more than eight glasses of water a day will increase your metabolism. If the water is ice-cold, you can burn an extra 10 calories a day. It adds up!

Avoid booze

When you drink alcohol, the body starts to burn and break down the alcohol for fuel instead of fat, lowering overall metabolism.

Spice it up

Add cayenne pepper to your food. A hit of hot spice can temporarily raise your metabolism by about 20 percent for half an hour.

Go green

Drink green tea. Drinking at least two cups of green tea a day can raise metabolism enough to burn an extra 50 calories a day.

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