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Turn your Guest Room into a Boutique Hotel

Turn your Guest Room into a Boutique Hotel

Chic, clean, modern bedroom sets a great example for how to make your room a great Airbnb home.

You might be thinking of turning your extra room into an Airbnb haven. So why not take the extra step and make your home more of a hotel experience? Your Airbnb guests will be happy – and they might even extend their stay a few days!

Décor matters

A little bit of care can make a difference when it comes to decorating your guest room. Consider a few things – blackout curtains (in case your guests like to sleep in), matching towels (save the mismatched linens for your own use) and the best mattress you can afford (the difference between sleeping on a mattress and on a futon or air bed is…significant).

The best bath

Just like a hotel, keep extra supplies on hand for what your guests might have forgotten: toothbrush, toothpaste, razors, deodorant, floss, soap, contact lens cases and contact lens solution. For added pizzazz, toss them in a pretty basket and display on the bathroom counter.

For an extra special touch, provide a cushy bathrobe. Most people don’t travel with bathrobes, and they’ll appreciate having one available – especially if you’re sharing a bathroom.

Abundant app amenities

You might not have an in-building restaurant or spa, but that doesn’t mean you can’t provide some top of line services. Have some on-demand services ready for your guests to access

Your guests might not want to eat out every night – or use your kitchen. Introduce them to – for the gamut of delivery options, including food, drinks and more.

A long day away from home can be taxing. Hook up your house guests with Zeel Massage On Demand, for delivering fantastic massages from licensed, vetted massage therapists to  homes in as little as an hour from the time of the booking.

If your guests are staying for at least a week, they’ll probably have laundry and dry cleaning needs. That’s fine if you have a washer/dryer in your building, but if not, it’s time for on-demand. Direct your guests to apps like Washio for their clothing cleaning needs.

No taxis pulling up in front of your house? That’s where apps like Uber and Lyft come in happy – so much handier than having guests dial a car service.

Up to date travel info

Sure, your guests could poke through the Internet on their lonesome, but they’d really appreciate having a stack of local magazines and tourist info to guide them. Also include a card with important info like your WiFi password.

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