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Tips for Enjoying your Outdoor Massage

Tips for Enjoying your Outdoor Massage

Breathe in the fresh air during a relaxing outdoor massage with Zeel.

There’s no need to be constrained by four walls this summer when enjoying a massage. Having an outdoor massage – on demand – is just one of the many joys that summer brings. (Just look how much Jonathan Cheban enjoyed his outdoor Zeel Massage!) Here’s how to make your Zeel Massage al fresco a thing of true beauty.


The great outdoors does not come with electrical outlets.  If you’d like to hear music during your massage, as opposed to the caw of seagulls or the splashing of children in the kiddie pool, bring a portable radio or CD player.

Check the weather

Most people don’t enjoy massage during a downpour. Take a quick peek at the weather report before booking a massage outside, or find a covered area like a porch or cabana.


Massage therapists typically use oil or lotion during your treatment. That means that any sunscreen you’re wearing will be rubbed off by the end of the hour. Have some sunscreen handy to reapply during daytime hours.


Remember that you’ll be lying in one place for some time. Those rays that feel so good at first may become rather warm after an hour.  Choose a shaded location for your massage.


Your massage therapist typically uses sheets for draping, but beach towels also make great outdoor massage accessories, especially if you’re near a pool, lake or beach.


If your Zeel Massage Therapist is meeting you in a crowded area, telling her to “look for the blonde woman in the black bikini” might not cut it.  Locate local landmarks – beach umbrellas, restaurants, pier numbers, etc.


Know where the nearest sink or restroom is – your therapist will want to wash her hands before and after your massage, and you may wish to freshen up too.

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