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Therapist Thursday: Meet Rochenel

Therapist Thursday: Meet Rochenel

Marcy Lerner
Zeel Massage Therapist Rochenel poses with Emeril Lagasse

If you’re booking a Zeel Massage in South Florida, you might meet Rochenel. Then again, if you’re attending a swanky black-tie dinner, you might meet him there too. Learn more about this multitalented Zeel Massage Therapist and how to become a massage therapist.

Zeel: Why did you decide to become a massage therapist?

I’ve always had a passion for healthy living. Nutrition creates wellness from the inside out, and becoming a massage therapist also gives me the opportunity to bring wellness to my customers.

Z: Have you found that massage therapy does promote wellness for your customers?

Many of my clients suffer from aches, pains and other issues, and have for a while. Once I work on them, they often feel better and think that they’re cured after one treatment. I remind them that the problem didn’t happen overnight, and the solution won’t be quick either.

Z: Tell me about your cooking pursuits!

I love to cook! I have over 14 years of culinary experience. I’m passionate about both cooking and massage.

Z: What’s the best compliment you’ve ever received?

The best compliment I’ve ever received on the culinary end was a standing ovation during a black-tie fine dining anniversary diner where I was the chef.

As for massage, the best compliment I’ve ever received was from Jordin Sparks. She extended her massage from 60 minutes to a full 2 hours. Then she told me I’d given her the best massage she’d ever had, and asked if I could travel with her!  That meant a lot to me.

Z: What’s your favorite spot in Miami?

The beach. It’s where I go to clear my mind. I love everything Miami has to offer, but the beach is my favorite place. I prefer to visit the beach before sunrise or in the evening. Some of my best moments are spent there.

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Does Rochenel’s story inspire you to become a massage therapist with Zeel? Getting started is simple, just fill out a short application and a Zeel representative will contact you for further information. You’ll be a ZMT before you know it. Find out more, here!


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