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The Massage Academy Awards

The Massage Academy Awards

The Massage Academy Awards featuring Zeel!

The Academy Awards are almost upon us!  Sure, it’s fine to give awards to “sound editing” and “supporting actors,” but we’d really like to give some Oscars  in some other deserving categories that resonate with us.

Best Supporting Massage for Pregnant Women:

Prenatal massage

A runaway winner in this category – for the various aches, pains and indignities of pregnancy, there’s no better massage solution.

Best Supporting Animal:


As we all know,  dogs and cats love a great massage at home as much as their humans do. It was a tough choice, but Buddy is our best supporting animal at a Zeel Massage.

Best Surprise Event for the Office:

A table massage

A surprise upset – chair massage has been a perennial winner in this category.  However, clothed table massage is this year’s winner – the massage allows our Zeel Massage Therapists to not just focus on the upper back, neck, and arms, as with an office chair massage, but the legs and lower back as well. You just need to take off your shoes!

Best Massage Company:

Zeel, of course!

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