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The Best Music for Massage and Relaxation, Chosen by Zeel Massage Therapists

Sometimes you need a little help to get in the mood for relaxation. So we asked some experts – our massage therapists at Zeel – about the artists and albums they recommend to ease stress and accompany massage, meditation, and everyday lounging.  Listen to these tunes and you’ll feel your blood pressure lowering ASAP.


 (Illumination of the Heart)

Deuter is something of a massage music VIP.  He specializes in flute-filled spiritual music, which he crafts in his mountain abode in Santa Fe.  While Deuter has produced over 30 albums, Illumination of the Heart is cited as a particular fave by Zeel Massage Therapists.

Olafur Arnauls

(Living Room Songs)

Yes, Icelandic musician Olafur Arnauls did craft these emotional tunes on this album in his living room.  His updated classical music score is a fine background to your at-home relaxation.

Dan Gibson


Dan Gibson’s music will make you feel  like you’re in the middle of an uncharted jungle, but without bugs and with massage oil

Deva Premal


Deva Premal specializes in accompanying ancient Sanskrit chants with spiritual and stirring tunes.

Dean Everson

(Healing Sanctuary)

Dean Everson’s acoustic sound stylings will soothe any massage fan, and are also great for insomniacs.  Includes bird chirps and pan flutes.


(Ca Sarvetaratra)

The result of a collaboration between artists Tanya Whitman and Gabriel Mann, Vive blends Sanskrit mantras with more modern tunes. A bit more energetic than some of these other albums; recommended for sports massage.


(Shamanic Dream II)

This track is meant to create a trance state, and is filled with flutes and drums, along with chanting (hence “shamanic”).

Brian Eno

(Thursday Afternoon)

Brian Eno is well-known for his electronic and ambient music. Thursday Afternoon  holds one chord throughout, accompanied by other notes and chords. At 61 minutes, it’s perfect to accompany a 60-minute Zeel Massage.

Peter Kater

(Elements of Air)

Combine smooth jazz, piano and Native American-inflected pan flutes and you have Peter Kater’s relaxing album, Elements of Air.

Road to Perdition


We thought it was a little odd too, but this Oscar-nominated score is remarkably calming, despite it being the soundtrack to a violent movie about mob revenge murders.

Notice what’s not on this list?  Enya. Zeel Massage Therapists identified Enya’s oeuvre as their least favorite massage accompaniment.

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