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Summer Haze, Lazy Days: Dial it Down with a Relaxing Massage

Summer Haze, Lazy Days: Dial it Down with a Relaxing Massage

Woman kicks her feet up and relaxes in the sand on a lazy summer day.

It’s the height of summer, August.  How are you going to make the most of it? Whatever you choose, make sure to add a summertime massage to your life this month. Summer is one of the best times to get a massage, in fact.

Massage is a mini-vacation

Summer is a very popular time for vacation. Even people who are staying in town seem to take life a little easier. One way to get that vacation feeling at home (call it an August staycation) is to take a little time for yourself, whether that’s a manicure, playing hooky one afternoon, or setting up a Zeel Massage for you to enjoy at home or at a hotel. You can even set up your home massage spa on a porch  or backyard, though don’t forget the bug spray!

Massage helps you beat the heat

Summer is fun, but not everyone enjoys the sometimes hot and muggy weather. In fact, heat and humidity can sap our energy and make us irritable. One great way to recover from humidity headaches and low energy in the heat is a Zeel Massage. Massage boosts your circulation and can help take away those hot-weather headaches. (Massage also works if that headache is caused by a hangover – one margarita too many!)

Take advantage of summer hours

You might find yourself with some unexpected free time during the summer. Maybe the kids are away at camp, or perhaps your boss gave you an unexpected afternoon off. Take advantage by scheduling a Zeel Massage in as little as an hour – and make the most of your summer!


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