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September Sweat and Workout Recovery with The Bachelor’s Chase McNary

September Sweat and Workout Recovery with The Bachelor’s Chase McNary

Bachelor Nation's Chase McNary on getting a sports massage after his workout

Beach body season may be coming to a close, as Labor Day Weekend marks the unofficial end of summer, but September is a great time to reinvent yourself with new healthy habits. Zeel member Chase McNary of Bachelor Nation fame is kickstarting the fall season on the right foot, with his Sweat Every Day 30-Day Fitness Challenge.

As we gear up for the challenge, Zeel had the chance to catch up with Chase and discuss his workout tips, how he incorporates sports massages into his recovery routine, and why he recommends you #SweatEveryDay this September.


First off, what is the Left Side Lion 30-Day Challenge?

This is an event I started to inspire people to start building a healthy habit towards a happier life. Each day starting September 1, participants receive an email from me. This email will have doses of daily motivation, health and wellness tips, detoxifying recipes, and of course, a daily workout routine to get them working up a good sweat. Everyone will be sharing photos and videos of themselves on Instagram (use the hashtags #sweateveryday and #leftsidelion and tag @leftsidelion if you’re participating), showing their progress along the way. Plus, I’m giving away some awesome prizes, including massages from Zeel.


What’s the significance of the name “Left Side Lion” (for those who haven’t seen a picture of you)?

“Declare yourself as bold as a lion, For He who is in you is greater than He who is in this world.” While this is a biblical quote, I have adopted my own interpretation of it over the years. I truly believe that inside everyone there is a deeper energy, a stronger soul, and that we are all capable of being greater than just humans. Left Side Lion is committed to helping people find the deeper pieces of themselves.


How do you motivate yourself to #SweatEveryDay, even when you’re busy?

Sweating and working out is the foundation of my daily routine. There are 24 hours in a day. Working out takes between 1-2 hours, if not less. The trick is to either get up early and do it before a busy day, or don’t go home and sit down until it’s done.


What’s the most difficult part of staying in shape year around? How do you do it anyway?

Diet, diet, diet. It’s so easy to slip into poor eating habits. I don’t care who you are, you can’t out-work a bad diet. Even for me, staying in the condition in which I feel most confident year-round is a huge struggle. So I will plan out weeks or months of when I can binge a little on the sweeter things in life or stay tight on what I drink and eat.


Why sweat every day? What are the benefits?

You’ll see a lot more resources on this during my 30-day challenge, but here are the main reasons why I recommend sweating every day:

  • Sweating eases pain – If you’ve got sore muscles, or a kink in your neck, sweating stimulates the production of endorphins and acts as a natural pain killer.
  • Sweating clears up your skin – Sweating allows pores to open up and release dirt and grime. Be sure to wash your face after a good sweat and cleanse everything away.
  • Sweating flushes out toxins – Use your sweat to help push out all the unwanted toxins that may be clogging your body like cholesterol, salt, and (especially) alcohol.
  • Sweating controls mood swings – When in doubt, Go workout! Sweating allows for your body to change in temperature and in turn change your attitude.
  • Sweating prevents common colds – Not only does working out keep you healthy but sweat has been shown to contain dermcidin which has antimicrobial properties. ​


What’s your favorite way to recover from workouts?

I like to get Zeel Massages at home after a workout. They’re easy to order no matter what time I go to the gym, morning or night, and I can even get a dedicated sports massage delivered to my house that focuses on specific sore muscles. The massage therapists are professionally licensed and customize the experience to my needs.


What are the benefits of sports massage?

Beyond the fact that it just feels good, a sports massage before or after your workout can be the perfect healthy supplement to your fitness routine. Athletic massage therapy gives me increased flexibility, improves my range of motion, and helps proactively prevent injury during my workouts. I’ve also found it gives me more endurance for repetitive exercise (for example, a 30-day challenge!). A post workout massage (or massage after a sporting event) is also great for injury recovery and massaging out those sore muscles.


What’s your best piece of advice for staying fit this fall?

Stay away from what I call the NBL’s (Nibbles, Bits, and Licks). There are lots of sweets going around during the fall and the holiday season. If you want to stay looking your best and feeling your best, eat clean and of course, don’t forget to SWEAT EVERY DAY!


Zeel is a proud sponsor of Chase McNary’s Sweat Every Day 30-Day Fitness Challenge, giving away free in-home massages to the winners. We look forward to seeing your progress throughout the month of September! Tag us @getzeel.

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