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National Lazy Day – Embrace the Sloth

National Lazy Day – Embrace the Sloth

Woman stretches in bed, smiling and content after sleeping in.

If there’s any vice that’s overrated, it must be sloth. That’s why Zeel encourages you all to celebrate National Lazy Day.

What are some ways you can celebrate National Lazy Day?  We’ll see if we can muster up the energy to make a short list.  As with everything, on-demand helps!

Takeout all day long

. If you can manage to reach your phone, hit up Seamless or (why not?) Drizly or Thistie for a little sophisticated adult refreshment.

Stay in bed all day.

You don’t even have to leave the house to get a cushy mattress – try massage delivery pros like Casper or Leesa.

Video games and music

are made for lazy days. If exploring the multiverse with No Man’s Sky is too much effort, just fire up Spotify (we have some especially lulling tracks here).

Snuggle with your furry friends.

Your dogs and cats will appreciate a day of cuddles from their human.

In-home massage.

If you’re still not relaxed enough, Zeel can help. We’ll deliver a massage to your home in as little as an hour. All you need to do is tap the massage app, and one of our marvelous Zeel  Massage Therapists will come to your home,  set up the massage table, give you a five-star massage, and depart, leaving you to your National Lazy Day celebration.

Or  try – you know what, we’re  just too lazy to finish this list. Enjoy National Lazy Day!

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