Try Zeel’s Best Monthly Massage Membership, Risk Free!

Risk-free monthly massage membership with Zeel's program, Zeelot

Zeel Massage Membership, The Premium Massage Membership

Zeel’s massage membership is a dream for our massage-loving fans. You’ll receive:

  • Unlimited discounted Zeel massage every month
  • Discounted massages for your family and friends*
  • Membership rates travel when you travel too
  • Credits that never expire – keep them forever (though you’ll want to use them toward Zeel massages!). You can also use your credits to purchase gift cards
  • The choice of a professional-grade massage table, yours to keep**

If you get at least one massage a month, joining the Zeel massage membership is the smartest (and most relaxing) decision you’ll make all year.

Read more about the membership here.

Any questions? Good, we love questions!  Email

*No table membership prices not available in Manhattan, San Francisco, or the Hamptons. But we still love you! 

**Members who opt for massage table that cancel before 12-month commitment period will be charged a $200 fee.

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