Inventing In Home Massage On Demand & Making Competitors Your Partners

inventing the in-home massage on demand category - Zeel

Is on-demand, in home massage ridiculous? Of course not!  That seems self- evident now.  But that wasn’t the case five years ago, when Zeel CEO Samer Hamadeh first considered the idea.

In 2010, Zeel was a platform designed for booking many different kinds of wellness services, from yoga to acupuncture to massage. But Samer and the Zeel team soon realized  that the majority of Zeel customers wanted massages, and they wanted them right away — typically, in four hours or less. But the massage industry wasn’t set up to take same-day, on-demand appointments.

Hence, the invention of Massage On Demand® – originated and launched by Zeel back in 2012.

That year was a heady time for the on-demand industry – it seemed that on-demand companies were disrupting every traditional industry, from transportation to education to hotels to spas.

But Zeel took a different path – partnership instead of disruption.

Read more about in home massage at Zeel – and Zeel Spa – on CNBC.

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