How To Enjoy Your Massage Therapy Job Again: Kaylee’s Massage Therapist Journey

Earn more money as a massage therapist

Have you ever wondered how other massage therapists got their massage therapy jobs and built profitable careers?

We all love a behind-the-scenes peek at someone’s life, so we’re bringing you the real-life journey of some of our talented bodyworkers with the “My Massage Therapy Journey” series (read about Lucy’s journey in LA).

working as a massage therapist

Rather than us answering the question, “what’s it like to work for Zeel?” we’re letting our therapists do the talking, spilling all the details on their favorite massage therapy jobs.

As we continue this series today, we’re thrilled to bring you the story of Kaylee H., one of our top massage therapists in New York, NY.

I was reminded of my true worth as a massage therapist. The pay alone showed how much they valued me but working in the Zeel network also melted away the stress that comes with running your own massage business. I can show up, work my magic, then leave the client to relax – simple as that. Zeel does the rest!

We know you’ll love hearing how the Zeel network allowed her to make more money doing the work she loves…”

Kaylee, tell us your background and how you got started in massage.

I have to be honest. When I first enrolled in massage therapy school in 2007, I had every intention of just practising massage during college as a way to make some quick and easy money.

But once I began actually giving massages I fell in love with the craft and realized my potential as a healer. I love that massage therapy is not only a great way to make money, it’s an overall lifestyle. Massage is a lifestyle that promotes balance and peace, which is often forgotten in our western culture.

I’ve worked in different regions of the country in various types of settings, from physical therapy clinics to holistic healing centers. I love what both sides of massage bring to the table (no pun intended!) and strive to provide sessions that integrate both the eastern and western aspects of bodywork.

That’s so amazing – what started as a short-term gig during college turned into your lifelong passion! What massage therapist jobs did you do before you started working with Zeel?

Before I started working with Zeel, I had just moved to New York City and was excited for all the opportunities that this city brings. However, Manhattan is not a cheap place to live!

I was working full time at a lovely spa, but it just wasn’t enough financially to get by. Honestly, I was getting burned out.

I was trying to take as many clients as I could to make the money I needed, but this is not a field that is good for overtime. It’s hard on your body to do a bunch of extra massages!

How did you first hear about Zeel? What made you curious to try out working with our massage therapy app?

I had heard that Zeel pays generously and that they allowed you to make your own schedule, so I decided to check it out for myself.

After joining Zeel, I was reminded of my true worth as a massage therapist. The pay alone showed how much they valued me (and made me want to work harder than ever before), but working for Zeel also melted away the stress that comes with running your own massage business.

I can show up, work my magic, then leave the client to relax – simple as that! Zeel does the rest!

After slowly grabbing more and more clients with Zeel, I eventually felt comfortable enough to leave the spa and work full time for this awesome company!

What has been the best thing about joining the Zeel team?

I absolutely love making my own schedule while making more money. I’ve also learned that if you’re committed and provide great service, you’re quickly rewarded with steady bookings.

This extra income allows me to fly back home to visit the nieces and nephews, so I’m very grateful for that! Oh, and not having to chase down clients myself has really taken a weight off of my shoulders, too!

What makes you feel safe while doing mobile massages on-site?

It’s an unfortunate reality that occasionally there are potential ‘clients’ with a different idea about what to expect from a massage therapist than a professional, ethical massage. The beauty of the Zeel system is I feel safe knowing that the team knows exactly where I am and who I’m with at all times.

I know that if I ever even felt slightly uncomfortable with a client, the team would follow up and listen to my concerns, and even block a client if they have to. In other words, Zeel has my back – pun intended!

What do you tell friends who are curious about what it’s like working with Zeel (real talk, please!)?

I’m a really straightforward person, so I’m pretty blunt with my friends! When friends ask what I really think about the company, I tell them they would be insane to not work for Zeel! Less time hustling and more income? I don’t think any of my friends could say no to that!

How do you feel about your future as a massage therapist with Zeel?

I’m so grateful to be a part of the team at Zeel, and I feel like my future in this career field has never looked brighter. Putting an end to the long hours and low pay that was the norm before I joined the Zeel team has been so empowering.

This job saved me from burning out and quitting altogether, and now I’ve fallen in love with my bodywork career all over again.

The massage lifestyle of balance and peace that I’ve always promoted to my clients is finally a reality in my own life as well, and I’m so grateful for that.

If you too are interested in joining Zeel’s nation-wide network of massage therapists, submit an application today.

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