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Game Day, Event Day, Massage Day

Game Day, Event Day, Massage Day

Man receives a massage in the comfort of his own apartment, while watching the big football game.

Autumn brings with it cooler weather, all the pumpkin spice you can handle, and a plethora of sporting events, from the last gasp of baseball , to the prime of football season.

Most of us enjoy sporting entertainment  from the comfort and privacy of our living rooms.  But there are some excellent ways to make your game day get-together a bigger event than just watching a livestream on your laptop.

Massive pot of chili

Nothing says autumn party like a crock of chili. Or several. Be kind and consider the various dietary restrictions of your guests – consider cooking up a veggie version of your famous chili, or maybe go for turkey or chicken.  (Have guests who love to cook?  Consider a chili cook-off. It’s less work for you and fun for your guests.)  If you’re pressed for time, there’s always last-minute delivery from apps like Seamless and Caviar.


Not everyone drinks alcohol, but for those who do, watching the game is a perfect time to hoist a few beers or sip on some sophisticated adult refreshments. Keep it simple – you don’t want to spend your afternoon mixing Old Fashioneds. Beer, wine, cider, and perhaps a few strategic bottles are all you need.  Remember to keep some non-alcoholic options on hand (even as mixers). If you run out of alcohol – quelle horreur! – it’s better to summon an on-demand liquor supplier like Minibar, Thirstie or Drizly for your drinking needs.  Of course, remember to drink responsibly!


Of course,  the game, whether your game day party is football focused, all about baseball, or centered around hockey or basketball, is one of the key attractions of your game day event.   But consider having massage at your game day party too. After all, not all your guests  will want to watch the game at every moment – and some games can be rather stressful to watch. A Zeel chair massage makes a wonderful addition to a game day gathering.  Or choose a clothed table massage, if you want to add some sports massage action to your event. (Just remember, heavy drinking prior to a massage, whether a chair massage or an on-demand massage on a massage table, is not a good idea.)


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