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Booking a Massage Spa Party for Groups with Zeel, for 3 to 300 People

If you’re looking for an activity for groups to enjoy, whether it’s a bunch of friends and acquaintances at a vacation rental, a wedding, a bachelor party, or a conference, it can be tough.  Playing beer pong or bowling isn’t always the best activity for a bunch of people. Fortunately, Zeel massage delivery can be the solution for groups ranging from 3 to 300+.

How do you book a massage for more than two people?

If you’re looking for a bunch of 60-minute table massages, you’re in luck. The Zeel Massage app supports what we call back to back massage booking. That means that one Zeel Massage Therapist will stay and massage more than one person, one after the other.  Two, three, four, even five people can enjoy a Zeel Massage sequentially.

What if I want to get a massage for, say, 50 people?

If you’re thinking of getting shorter massages for groups, then let us direct you to what we call our Zeel Corporate Massage. Don’t worry, you don’t actually have to incorporate –  while Zeel delivers our five-star massage to offices and workplaces across the nation, you can also get a chair massage or clothed table massage delivered on demand to any gathering.  Massage is always a big hit at a family reunion or wedding party. To book, just head for our Zeel Chair Massage page and drop us a line. One of our fabulous customer service folks will be in touch with you right away, ready to get your workplace wellness program up and running.

What do you mean by clothed table massage?

When you think of a short(10 to 15) minute massage, you naturally think of chair massage. And in fact,  that is an excellent way to get a massage. Chair massages focus on the neck, arms and back, common achy areas for office works. A clothed table massage is of a similar duration, but is on a massage table. A clothed table massage means that the massage therapist can work on your legs and lower back as well. It can also be more comfortable for women who are pregnant.

If you’re looking for a massage at your bachelorette party, family reunion or corporate retreat, Zeel’s mobile massage for groups is here for you.

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