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Best Zeel Cities to Watch the Solar Eclipse

Best Zeel Cities to Watch the Solar Eclipse

Best places to watch the solar eclipse in Zeel cities

On August 21, 2017 there will be a total solar eclipse across the United States – the first of its kind since 1979, and the first to traverse the entire country since 1918. This sounds like something you might want to check out. Where are the best places to watch the solar eclipse, you ask? Zeel knows – we call many of these prime viewing spots “Zeel Massage cities.”

You might have heard about Zeel’s standard-setting commitment to safety. That’s why we feel obliged to give you safety tips for your eclipse-watching. An important note: experts caution that you should NOT stare directly into the eclipse, unless you have specific protective glasses designed for the occasion (regular sunglasses won’t work). Otherwise you could damage your retinas.

According to The New York Times, “If you’re in the line of totality once the total eclipse, you can remove your glasses once the sun is completely blocked and admire the enigmatic disc of the moon and the threads of corona that appear at its edges. Savor these minutes. Put your glasses back on as soon as the moon moves on and the sun begins to reappear.”

When you’ve finished marveling at the cosmic spectacle of Moon covering the Sun, treat yourself to an in-home massage delivered to wherever you’re located. Perhaps you took the day off or traveled to see the eclipse? Zeel has your back.

Nashville, TN

Music City is one of the few major East Coast cities that will see 100% coverage of the solar eclipse, as it falls within the “path of totality” (an imaginary line drawn across America, roughly 70 miles wide, where the Sun will be completely blocked). If you’re in Nashville, get outside and enjoy the show. Safely, of course.

Charlotte, NC

The Great Smoky Mountains National Park (just a few hours west of Charlotte and a few hours east of Nashville, Tennessee) should be one of the best viewing spots for the solar eclipse in the whole country. Observers will enjoy mostly clear skies, and have the advantage of being miles away from any city light pollution. In the Charlotte metro area itself, residents will see about 98% coverage at 2:41 pm.

Charleston, SC

Charleston, South Carolina is another major hub that will witness a 100% solar eclipse on the 21st. From Mount Pleasant to Folly Beach, Charleston residents will no doubt gaze at the sky in awe. There are a lot of things to do in Charleston (including getting a massage delivered to your home), but Zeel recommends watching the eclipse if you can break away from work for an hour.

Portland, OR

The Moon won’t fully cover the Sun from the perspective of Portland city-dwellers, but the area will still see 99% coverage (reminiscent of a very thin crescent moon). If you’re up for a day trip, the city of Madras, Oregon about 2 hours from Portland is supposed to be one of the best places in the U.S. to watch the solar eclipse.

Seattle, WA

The day’s events will begin in the Northwest around 9 o’clock in the morning, in Washington state. Seattle will see about 92% eclipse coverage. According to the Seattle Times, eclipse watchers will enjoy relatively unobstructed views with clear skies in the area – no sure thing in this drizzle-prone region.

Atlanta, GA

Much of Northern Georgia falls within reach of the eclipse’s path, and Atlanta residents will see about 97% coverage. Despite some cloud cover, ATL (especially Midtown) should get a nice view of the show — peaking at 2:36 pm. The darkness will linger for another hour and a half after that.

Of course, if you’re in another city or town that doesn’t fall within the path of totality, don’t fret. You’ll still be able to witness a partial solar eclipse on Monday, which is a very rare sight to see.

The Greater New York City area, for example, will see between 71 percent and 85 percent depending on the location. Even if you don’t have the eyewear or camera lenses to properly capture this galactic phenomenon, you’ll still see the city get unusually dark around 2:44 pm.

Wherever you are, it’s exciting to be one of the estimated 500 million people who will be able to observe the solar eclipse – either partially or totally.

For complete coverage of how to enjoy the solar eclipse, here is a handy guide from The New York Times.

For a detailed map of all Zeel Massage locations (so you can unwind after the eclipse excitement), visit the Where We Zeel page. Use the promo code ECLIPSE for $25 off your first Zeel Massage.

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