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Appreciate Teachers on Teacher Appreciation Day

Appreciate Teachers on Teacher Appreciation Day

Teacher gathers a group of young students around a world globe during class.

Everyone says they appreciate teachers. There’s even an official day for it: Teacher Appreciation Day.   (It’s May 3 in 2016 – commit that date to memory.)  While you should obviously celebrate teachers every day, it’s not always clear just what your teacher wants. Herein, some dos and don’ts for teacher gifts this Teacher’s Appreciation Day. (This is for teachers. If you’ve missed your Employee Appreciation Day gifting, plan ahead for next year.)

Of course, some school systems have regulations about the monetary value of teacher gifts – so please check before gifting!


Don’t get a mug, even one that says Best Teacher in the Universe or something cute like that.  While your  teacher may indeed be the best teacher in the universe (though we might want to hold that judgment until we at least reach Alpha Centauri), he or she likely already has a collection of similar mugs and would like to avoid the pressure of rotating mugs every morning to avoid a show of favoritism.

Don’t get your teacher an apple. We know there’s a certain retro chic about giving your teacher an apple, but this isn’t Little House on the Prairie. In fact, food gifts are a general to-avoid – you don’t know what your teacher likes to eat, and many won’t take chances.


It’s hard to go wrong with a gift card. There are of course a wide variety of gift cards you can give (Starbucks is a classic for a reason) but it’s especially nice if you can arrange for several people to chip in – allowing your teacher to combine gift cards toward a larger reward. Some options for the latter include Zeel gift cards, which start at $25, allowing your class to chip in for a much-appreciated massage gift.

Of course, one of the most valued presents for teachers is a sincere written note of thanks – that is, written on a card or other piece of paper, by hand. Not an email or Snapchat!

If you’re a teacher yourself, thank you for everything you do in educating young minds for a better tomorrow.

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