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Administrative Professionals’ Day Means Chair Massage

Administrative Professionals’ Day Means Chair Massage

Administrative profession looks on with focus and concentration at her desk.

On the last Wednesday every April, workplaces across America pause to celebrate Administrative Professionals’ Day. The Hufflepuffs of the workplace, administrative professionals deserve more than a day of celebration for their hard work and expertise – making sure organizations run smoothly and efficiently, keeping executives on point and on schedule, and maintaining a preternaturally calm and soothing exterior in the face of typical workplace commotion.

This year, show your appreciation by giving your office admins a chance to relax and let the reins of responsibility slip, just for a little while. Bring a chair massage to the office, courtesy of Zeel. A Zeel Chair Massage will allow your beloved office administrative pros to work out all the stress knots you probably gave them, easing neck pain and back pain in a mere 10 to 15 minutes. What’s even better is that booking a chair massage with Zeel is simple and handled through the Zeel app – so you won’t be giving your cherished admins any additional work.

Be honest, a box of donuts isn’t enough. Show, don’t tell, your office heroes and heroines you care, with Zeel Chair Massage.

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