A Welcome to Unwind.me Customers from Zeel Massage On Demand® – We’ll Double Your Credits

Welcome to Zeel, Unwind.me customers!

At Zeel, we’ve been delivering Massage On Demand since 2012. And we’ve been active and available for massage in San Francisco since August 2014, a little over a year ago. It’s been an amazing year so far for San Francisco massage – not only have we grown rapidly month over month, we expanded our reach to Napa and Sonoma as well, just in time for the autumn harvest.

It wasn’t long after our San Francisco massage launch before we welcomed another massage on-demand company to San Francisco, like Y Combinator graduate Unwind.me. Unwind.me joined Zeel in serving San Francisco proper, and we know they had many fans. This week, Unwind.me officially unwound. We wish the Unwind.me team the best of luck.

Now, we’d like to cordially invite all Unwind.me customers to try the largest and best Massage in San Francisco – Zeel.  What’s more, we’ll double your remaining Unwind.me credits, up to $100 ($200 total).

Here’s how. Just send a screenshot of your credits to memberservices@zeel.com with the header “Unwind.me customer.”  Then create a Zeel account on the Zeel app for iPhone or Android or on zeel.com.  We’ll send you a code good for the amount of your Unwind.me credits – and then you can book at will.

You may find that Zeel works a bit differently from Unwind.me. Not only can you book by app, but you can request your Zeel Massage as little as an hour ahead of time. You’ll find that, with the largest and best network of on-demand massage therapists in the Bay Area, we’ll be able to fulfill your requests, whether you’re interested in a sports massage, deep tissue massage, couples massage, prenatal massage, or Swedish massage, we have plenty of amazing massage therapists ready to give you the best massage in San Francisco.

If you don’t have any Unwind.me credits left, you’re welcome to use a code we made just for you – UNWIND40.  Put that code into your new Zeel account, and you will receive $40 toward your first Zeel Massage.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask us – just email memberservices@zeel.com.  We look forward to seeing you on the Zeel Massage table.

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