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10 Reasons to Treat your Parents to a Zeel Massage for Parents’ Day

You love your parents. Your parents love you. Sometimes you want to show your appreciation for your parents.  Presents for parents can be tough to find – at least, good ones. Luckily, Zeel is here to help you with all your Parents’ Day gift needs.

Here are 10 reasons to treat your parents to a Zeel Massage – especially since July 23 is Parents’ Day.

An anniversary gift

It’s their anniversary!  Just think, without that anniversary you might not be there to buy them a Zeel Massage. It’s the circle of life. Anyway, it’s always a little tough to know what to get for a parents’ anniversary present. Instead of flowers, send a Zeel Massage to the ‘rents, allowing them to extend the celebration with your generous present for parents’ anniversary.  They’ll love getting a home service spa, via Zeel Massage.

They live far away

It’s not always easy to get parents a gift when they live far away – or if they happen to live separately.  Luckily for you,  Zeel delivers in mere moments. Buy and send a gift card same-day, or be super-proactive and schedule your gift for delivery ahead of time.

You forgot Mother’s Day and/or Father’s Day

Doh!  It happens to the best of us – but that doesn’t mean that it’s OK to forget Mom and Dad. Luckily, the powers that be have arranged a make-up day, Parents’  Day.  Retain or regain your halo by gifting them a Zeel Massage.

They’ve been having a rough time

Your parents were always there for you.  Now you can be there for them, even if you can’t physically be present.  An on-demand and in-home massage is a great way to reduce stress and boost the immune system, great for your parents if things aren’t looking rosy right now

They are physically active

Did your parent or parents recently take up a new sport?  Or does their fitness put you to shame? Whether it’s marathoning or water aerobics,  fitness means muscle aches and pains. A sports massage or two, delivered by Zeel in as little as an hour, is a great way to show your parents you care.

You just got married

Did you recently tie the knot?  That means that you have a whole new set of parents.   Show you appreciate your in-laws with a Zeel Massage,  a massage delivered on-demand and in-home. Buying a massage gift card from Zeel is sure to start this new parental relationship off on the right foot.

They are babysitting your children and/or pet

Did the grandparents take time out of their busy schedules to watch your beloved offspring and/or pet?  While spending time with the grandkids and/or grandpuppies is a pleasure, it’s also a lot of work. No doubt your parents have some back pain from picking up the little ones. Say  thank you with a Zeel Massage, on demand.  Your parents will enjoy the benefits of massage – and be more than ready to babysit on your next trip out of town.

You stayed with them on vacay

A vacation massage is lovely – but it’s hard to relax when you have a full house. Yes, your parents deserve a hostess gift – and they’ll love a couples massage to enjoy after your departure.

Just because!

It’s Parents’ Day!  Celebrate the best parents in the world with the best gift, a Zeel Massage.

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