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Swamped: Staying Healthy When Life Gets Busy

January 25, 2012

Laura Cipullo, RD, CDE, Mom

Eating sensibly would be so much easier if it weren’t for all those social obligations, work functions and family dinners. But since those probably won’t be going away any time soon, Laura Cipullo, a registered dietitian, Zeel Expert and blogger behind Mom Dishes It Out, has been chiming in now and again with her welcomed advice on how to moderate dietary habits despite the daily grind. Here, we round up strategic ways to be a hard-working martini-loving mom. Dig in!

On snacking. Vending machine calling your name? Don’t ignore your midday cravings, Laura says. “I actually encourage snacking,” explains Laura. “I think it helps you to prevent overeating at other meals.” Learn more on how to snack without wrecking your waistline here.

Alcohol: Yay or nay? It’s no secret that social savvy urbanites love happy hours and fine dining. Restaurants, bars and the occasional cocktail or three are simply a part of living in a thriving city. Laura emphasizes the importance of avoiding extremes. Balance is key. Read on to learn Laura’s six secrets to staying social, slender and, most importantly, satisfied here.

Supermarket sweep. Gone are the days of Pepsi and white bread. Today, we’re expected to fill our carts with “lean” meats, “whole” grains and “good” fats. But not all health foods are created equal; and supermarket aisles are ripe with seemingly nutritious items that aren’t as wholesome as they appear. Laura tells us how to fill our carts healthfully here.

What do you find most nutritionally challenging during your day? Have you mastered the art of staying social and slender or picking out the right foods when you hit the supermarket? Are you a serial snacker?