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Zeel Corporate Wellness, Chair Massage, and You

Zeel Corporate Wellness, Chair Massage, and You

A tired corporate employee enjoys a Zeel chair massage at the office.

Have you sat at your desk with an aching neck, slumped over your computer with your classic bad posture? Found yourself longing for a massage to relieve those pulled muscles in your back and neck aches? 1000 companies across the United States feel your pain – and have found relief for their own aching employees, thanks to Zeel Corporate Wellness.

Zeel Corporate Wellness is over three years old. That’s three years of Zeel delivering great massages to workplaces and events, to companies and organizations both big and small.  Zeel Massage Therapists bring the massage chair or massage table and supplies.  Most Zeel Massages in the workplace last from 10 to 20 minutes – and that’s enough time to relieve all that neck pain and back pain and stress plaguing you at work.

Plus, no need to burden your office manager with a slew of Google spreadsheets to keep track of massage slots. Zeel has proprietary mobile tech that allows you to book your Zeel Massage slot from your own phone or PC.

While Zeel Corporate Wellness has “corporate” in the title, we’re not just for corporations.  Our chair massage offering is very popular for parties, bachelorette gatherings, weddings, and conferences too.

Interested in trying Zeel Corporate Wellness massage for yourself? Head to to set up a quality chair massage session today.

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