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The Ultimate Mother’s’ Day Gift Massage Guide

The Ultimate Mother’s’ Day Gift Massage Guide

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Struggling (again) to find the perfect gift for mom this Mother’s Day? Want to make the gift hunt a little easier for your kids or significant other? Not to worry! This year, Zeel is honored to have been chosen by WhatsUpMoms, the #1 parenting network on YouTube, to bring you the ultimate Mother’s’ Day gift guide. WhatsUpMoms is giving away three of their elegance-filled packages, which include a Zeel massage, personalized jewelry, silk pillowcases, scented soaps and beautiful home touches. To learn more, and enter the giveaway, visit WhatsUpMoms Instagram account.

Happy (early) Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day has a special importance for us at Zeel as we admire the strength and resilience of all moms. This Mothers’ Day, we’re offering an alternative to that old standby of the Mother’s’ Day card.

Give mom the ultimate gift of stress-relief and relaxation to show your gratitude and admiration this year. Moms—whether you’re working or stay-at-home, new to parenting or a seasoned pro, we guarantee we’ve got a Zeel massage that’s right for you.

Deep tissue massage

Deep tissue is our answer to your hectic, schedule-packed, stress-inducing days. Deep tissue massage focuses primarily on muscle pain relief, targeting chronic tension and pain. Other benefits of deep tissue massage include increased blood and lymph circulation, improved posture, and better sleep. Whatever stage of mom-ing you’re at, we promise that a deep tissue massage will make it that much better.


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Sports massage

This is a fantastic option for current athletes or former ones nursing an old injury. But you don’t need to be training for a marathon for this to be the right choice for you. Sports massages are great for anyone from novice to professional, and even non-athletes who want to target a specific area of the body that might have suffered a recent injury or strain. They are also ideal if you’ve just started a new exercise routine, whether that’s spinning or weight-lifting, and everything in between. If you’re looking for a full-body massage that offers a similar level of pressure, consider a deep tissue massage.

Swedish massage

The height of tranquility, Swedish massage is aimed at relaxing the entire body. Swedish massage can increase the level of oxygen in your blood, decrease your stress hormones, and boost your immune system, making you the best version of yourself—stronger, calmer, and more resilient. With the help of a Swedish massage, Mothers’ Day is sure to be a relaxing affair.

Prenatal massage

Although we know all the current moms out there could use a massage, our expecting moms definitely could too. Prenatal massage is one of the best natural complements to regular prenatal care. Massage can help relieve many of the unpleasant side effects of pregnancy, including leg cramps, neck and backaches, headaches, and swelling. It can even help with prenatal depression and anxiety. Discuss with your doctor whether a prenatal massage is the best option for you.

How do I give the gift of massage?

Book a massage or visit our website to choose the perfect gift card or become a member today. And enter the WhatsUpMoms contest to get the perfect accessories to your Zeel massage!

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