All About Zeel Massage Membership, the Subscription for Huge Massage Fans

Maximizing your Zeel Massage Membership

Zeel massage membership is the first-ever premium membership for in-home massage.  Zeel massage membership is designed for real massage lovers – Zeel customers who want to get at least a massage a month or more. If this sounds like you, joining Zeel membership is a no-brainer. You’ll save up to 20%* off every Zeel Massage you book, with other benefits besides.

Zeel massage membership basics

Every month, you’ll be billed a low rate that starts at $93, depending on your location. That monthly payment includes credit for a Zeel massage a month (at a savings up to 20% our normal prices). If you want to book additional massages, those are also booked at the Zeel member rate.

Who should become a Zeel member

Zeel massage membership is designed for customers who book on a regular basis, about once a month.  For example, you can’t have a huge massage fest and book 12 massages in the first month of your massage (as much fun as that sounds).  At the same time, your Zeel member credits never expire. So if you’re busy and miss a month, you can simply have two massages in the following month.

The magic of the Zeel massage table

If you already own a massage table, we congratulate you for your proactivity. But if you don’t, when you sign up for the Zeel massage membership, you’ll be able to decide if you want a professional-grade massage table included.

To be a Zeel massage member, you have the choice of having a table and to book Zeel appointments for a discounted rate. Zeel’s massage therapists typically can bring their own table but, having a table allows them to deliver your Zeel massage in a timely manner.

The great thing is that you can share the discounted massage pricing with anyone who books through your account – regardless if they have a table or not**.

Giving Zeel membership as a gift

There are two ways to give Zeel massage membership as a present.  You can give our Massage Membership that includes a professional-grade massage table, free and yours to keep after the 12-month commitment period. Plus Zeel member pricing privileges where you can cancel anytime.

You can also share your unused member credits with friends and family.

More Questions?

Find out more about Zeel massage membership by emailing, or tweet us at @GetZeel.

*Discount varies by location

**Members with a massage table will pay for massages at a more discounted rate than members who opt-out of having one. 

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