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The Male Massage Therapist at Zeel

The Male Massage Therapist at Zeel

A male massage therapist's hands work into a client's back during a Zeel massage

Massage therapy, at least according to the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA), is a women’s game. A full 86% of licensed massage therapists in the United States are women. And anecdotally, many customers, at first, may prefer female massage therapists. Women massage therapists may be thought to be more sensitive.  And some female customers may be more comfortable working with a female therapist, especially for an in home massage.

That said, there are many reasons to book a male massage therapist. And Zeel customers agree — over a third of our experienced, licensed Zeel Massage Therapists are men, above the average for the industry.

Here are some reasons to choose a male massage therapist at Zeel (and remember, you can either express a gender preference in the Zeel Massage app, or simply say you have no preference.)

select a male massage therapist with the Zeel app

Good stretching

Male massage therapists agree that they may find deep stretching easier because of their (typically) greater height. “I know with my strength and size I can do bigger, longer stretches and I am up to that challenge.  It is simply a matter of my being bigger — I’m 250 pounds with lots of strength control,” said Zeel Massage Therapist, Al.  (As it turns out, stretching is a hot trend in the wellness industry.)

Excellent therapists

Even customers who might normally prefer female therapists are happy to book a therapist of any gender, noted Zeel Massage Therapist Tom. “It really helps to be a Zeel Massage Therapist,” said Tom. “Because we are experienced, prescreened, and vetted, Zeel customers trust that I will give them a great massage. I’ve definitely ‘converted’ many customers who have never had a male massage therapist before.”

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