Massage Therapy in America: 2016 Findings from the AMTA

AMTA American Massage Therapy Association findings 2016 - Zeel

Every year, the American Massage Therapy Association releases the latest stats on the massage therapy industry. Here’s a summary of their latest findings for 2016.

Massage employment and revenue  is on the rise

Between  2011 to 2015, revenue from alternative/complementary healthcare providers, a category that includes massage therapists, increased 14 percent, and employment increased 19 percent.

More Americans want massage

About  43.8 – 57.6 million adult Americans (19 – 25%) had a massage at least once between July 2015 and July 2016. Even at the low end of that range, that’s a lot of massages.

Massage therapists are (typically) Gen-X women

In the latest AMTA findings, a full 89% of massage therapists were women. At Zeel, we have both female massage therapists and male massage therapists.

The median age of massage therapists in 2016 was 45. 22% of massage therapists were under the age of 35. This may be, in part, because many massage therapists – 82% – chose massage therapy as a second career.

Massage therapists work in different venues. Most massage therapists work in a variety of settings, including in home massage, at spas and salons, their private office or treatment space, health clubs,  medical offices, and  massage therapy chains. 45 percent deliver massages in home to customers.

Customers increasingly connect massage to wellness

Nearly two-thirds of adult Americans (64 percent) would like to see their insurance cover massage.  17 percent had discussed massage therapy with health care providers within the previous year.

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