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Dancing with the Stars Means Massages for the Stars

Dancing with the Stars Means Massages for the Stars

Julianne and Derek Hough

Some reality TV shows demand much more athletic prowess than Big Brother and better grooming standards than Survivor.  One such show is Dancing With the Stars. Don’t be fooled by the sparkly dresses and suits – dancing is hard work, and it takes its toll on joints and muscles.

Julianne and Derek Hough and Zeel Massages

That’s probably why Dancing with the Stars, well, stars, are turning to massage to recover from the demands of the performance program.  Notably,  sibling duo and former DWTS dancer Derek and DWTS judge Julianne Hough booked a Zeel Massage to accompany an evening of The Bachelor viewing.  Derek, Julianne, and other friends both watched The Bachelor and received Zeel Massages (or eagerly awaited their own massage).  “This is the best night of my life,” crowed one Bachelor/Dancing with the Stars/massage fan in the room.

Mark Ballas and couples massage

Julianne and Derek Hough aren’t the only Dancing with the Stars luminaries who love Zeel Massages.   Singer-songwriter BC Jean revealed that she and husband Mark Ballas (who’s taking a break from DWTS this season to star on Braodway) love getting couples massages from Zeel. As BC Jean noted, “Mark and I had an amazing couples massage with Zeel.”

What can massage do for dancers (and other active people)?

Massage can reduce soreness

Massage can reduce muscle soreness after a workout by reducing inflammation, allowing muscles to repair themselves faster and with less pain.

Massage can prevent injuries

Stiff muscles are inflexible muscles, making the body work hard in suboptimal patterns. Massage, especially a deep tissue massage or a sports massage that includes stretching, helps break up these knots and adhesions, making muscles more pliable and less likely to contribute to an overuse injury.

Massage can relieve mental stress

We all suffer life’s stresses, even if we’re not currently competing for the Mirrorball Trophy. Massage can help – it’s been proven to improve sleep quality, reduce anxiety, and improve mood.

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