Resolve to relax with this special home spa massage membership package from Zeel

On the left, woman dressed in a white bathrobe embroidered with a black Z holds Zeel massage table sheets and a Zeel Dune Sage candle. On the right, a massage table stands on an angle with white sheets draped over top.

January is the time to make New Year’s resolutions.  Have you made the following New Year’s resolutions?

  • Give up sugar for the month
  • Abstain from alcohol for Dry January (or, as it’s awkwardly known, Dryanuary)
  • Work out more. A lot more. (Can we suggest a sports massage?)

If so, we wish you the best of luck – according to research, a mere 8% of people actually keep resolutions they make for the New Year.

A resolution you can keep – relax with at home massage

Fortunately, thanks to the premium Zeel massage membership, it’s easy to keep your resolution to reduce stress and increase personal time.  A Zeel massage membership includes a Zeel massage at home every month, at 15%-20% off our standard pricing. Plus, you’ll have the choice of receiving a professional massage table for an even discounted price for in-home massages with Zeel. Yours to keep with a 12-month commitment.

Our 2017 Zeel Massage membership special for January

January is all about starting off on the right foot – or back. That’s why until January 31, when you sign up for Zeel’s in-home massage membership, you’ll not only receive the Zeel massage table (a $249 value), you’ll also get a robe, candle, and massage sheet set – an additional $200 bonus.

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