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Your Best Last Minute Valentine’s Day Plans

Your Best Last Minute Valentine’s Day Plans

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Valentine’s Day is right around the corner.  If you’re planning to spend Valentine’s Day with a special someone, that means that you’re almost out of time to make your Valentine’s Day special. Here are some tips for making it a great one- and saving some money on Valentine’s Day too.


Don’t try a walk-in restaurant on Valentine’s Day. From bitter experience: unless you’re so into each other that three hours on line is just another episode of a wonderful life spent together, make reservations.  If your favorite place is closed, why not order in a feast from an on demand app like Seamless or Caviar?


Flowers don’t have to be roses. Long-stemmed red roses are classic, but getting a different Valentine’s Day bouquet can show more thought (and may also be less expensive). Bonus points if you actually know what flowers your girlfriend or boyfriend actually wants. Orchids always make an impact. (But always take off the plastic wrap. Tacky!)


Because Valentine’s Day is a Tuesday this year, you may not have time for a Valentine’s vacation (maybe save those vacay days for a Presidents Day weekend trip). So try a short staycation, even if that’s a few hours getting an in-home massage for Valentine’s Day from Zeel delivered to you and catching up on The Americans. (The Americans Is a romance, right?)

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