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Why a Couples Massage is the Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

Why a Couples Massage is the Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

The perfect Mother's Day gift for you and your wife – a couples massage from Zeel

Valentine’s Day and anniversaries aren’t the only times of year to celebrate your relationship. Mother’s Day can be the perfect occasion to show your wife how much you care.

The benefits of a couples massage with Zeel are numerous — better health, bonding opportunities, and the serenity of finding peaceful retreat in the comfort of your home. A recent study shows that massage even has the power to improve relationships. For new moms and dads, this massage gift has even more practical perks.

Reserve an appointment on your own schedule

Tired of squeezing your celebration plans into someone else’s schedule? When booking a Zeel couples massage, you can choose the exact time that you want it to happen (start times available from 8am–10:30pm), as well as the duration (60, 75, or 90 minutes) and even the gender of your massage therapist.

Think of Zeel as your Mother’s Day gift planning assistant. Does your wife get home from work in the evening, and you want to surprise her at precisely 7 o’clock? Simply book through the app or website, and a licensed and vetted Zeel Massage Therapist arrives at your door with as little as an hour’s notice. Sure beats waiting in line for a reservation at an overbooked restaurant. (If you want the massage to be a surprise, make sure to let Zeel’s award-winning customer service team know.)

Avoid the stressful crowds

Mother’s Day is the busiest restaurant day of the year, according to 2015 data from the National Restaurant Association. Many establishments offer a limited menu (with increased prices) for this special day. This means you’re overpaying, surrounded by strangers, and you don’t even get to order your favorite dish? To top it off, you’ll likely be nudged out the door prematurely so that the servers can turn over the table and move on to the next set of guests. Not the best way to celebrate the mom in your life.

Try a massage for two instead, and you can experience the exact opposite of holiday dinner hour — 60 to 90 minutes of rest, relaxation, and personalized service in the privacy of your own home. When your therapist leaves, you can continue your day of wellness by cooking a healthy meal together. Or get delivery. Just as good.

Same price as any day of the year

Chances are you’ve gone out on Mother’s Day only to be shocked by a hiked-up prix fixe menu or some other holiday-specific pricing. If you order a Zeel couples massage delivered to your home, you know exactly what it will cost — the same amount that it costs during the other 364 days of the year.

Depending on your location, two hour-long massages for you and your wife can be as low as $210 total (already 20-50% less than going to a local spa, let alone with a Zeelot member discount). This price includes an automatic 18% tip, so you don’t have to scramble for cash or worry about how much to give.

No babysitter needed

Junior might not be ready to handle a high-stimuli restaurant just yet, and finding a babysitter on a holiday weekend isn’t exactly easy. If you opt for a massage experience this Mother’s Day, your child can stay at home, and so can you. No sitters required.

Ready to arrange a Mother’s Day couples massage from Zeel? Book today or purchase a massage gift card to use anytime.

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